Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.

-Alexander Pope

Makes you think “What could scare an angel to make him not enter a space?”

My second book I am working on Elemental and The Fallen delves into what scares an angel.

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What Inspired me to Write

When I was in the 5th grade we had a contest for who ever read the most books. The winner won a gold medal and to me a title to be known other than the quiet kid. I of course naturally flew through the competition. Reading books for me was like blinking or scratching. It just came naturally to me. I was a certified speed reader. After Elementary School they no longer had reading contest which is beyond me why they didn’t. Though I didn’t need a gold medal waving in my face to encourage me to read.

I have always loved to read books. When I was younger I would read anything I could get my hands on. I would bring books on car trips, during recess, and even when the teacher was talking which has gotten me into trouble a time or two. I would even read more than one book at a time. But I don’t advice it. You tend to get your stories mixed up and you miss key information.

Reading soo many books made me want to write my own story. I had developed a taste for science fiction. I loved the idea of going beyond the norm and into a new world. Favorite books: The Secrets of the Alchemist series, Carrie (any Stephen King book that involves people with superpowers), Golden Compass, etc. the list goes on. Now, books can’t take all the credit for my book. There are movies like Constantine, X-men and Avatar the Last Airbender (the television show, NOT the movie) that greatly influenced me.

As I have grown my life has gotten busier with socializing, getting a job and writing my own book. There was time after high school that I had stopped reading books all together. I was actually ashamed of myself and got back to reading. Now I keep a steady pace of reading one book at a time. I look back at my childhood of many hours in my bed reading and I don’t regret being more into reading than sports or video games. Reading makes you smarter!! But we shouldn’t go around saying we are smarter than other people because we read so much. The wise keeps their mouth shut and reads.


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Playing Music While you are Writing

Many times I have played music while writing what I think is greatest thing since the Declaration of Independence.  Music is like a drug I must take now when I write to amp the mood of my writing (but not all the time, I am not totally addicted). For example for a depressing and mysterious mood I would listen to Florence + the Machine and Imogen Heap. For an exciting fight scene I would listen to Imagine Dragons and Linkin Park. Music to me, makes the visualizations sooooo much better.

A resource I use to explore music is its really great if you are looking for a playlist for a certain mood for writing. But also you can listen music there to just listen to 🙂

Comment what music you listen to get you going for writing. Also comment if you have resources of other good sites to listen to music.


Ps I got my Asheville Business License to sell books in a market place also I have another book signing set up in January at my local Barnes and Noble


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Dream List of Things I Need for my Book

So I was thinking of somethings that I need for my book. It’s kind of my todo list.

1. A Publisher! or an agent would be great.

2. Pay a graphic designer for a book new poster

3. A plastic amulet made by shapeways or any other plastic designers

4. A pin that says AUTHOR, you would not believe how many people ask me “Are you the author?” Me: “……Why yes I am. I don’t think you saw the picture below the table That says Joshua Guerrero” *beside it a a big picture of my face*

5. Get an kirkus review or any other kind of reviews!

6. A car sticker with the title of my book

Those are just few things but they are the most important things now!

Gonna go write, even though my mind says I should but my body says lay on the couch.

Just wanna throw in I am listening to Miss Jackson by Panic at the Disco to get me amped up and its morning even though it’s 10:50 a.m.


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A New Muse

Just got my hands  my hands on a Writers Workbook by Writers Digest. I really connect with the writers in this magazine. So many of things they bring up are just some of the conflicts I am having with my book. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my second book now.1240309_500831986677064_1454219612_n

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